Antique cushioned Venetian mirror

Antique cushioned Venetian mirror

Code: 5484


H: 126cm (49.6")W: 82cm (32.3")

£2,200.00 Approx $2699.39, €2561.12

Mid 19th century, cushioned, mercury glass, Venetian mirror with etched leaf, curling tendril and occasional trumpet flower design around the bevelled glass outer frame. A narrow, bevelled, inner frame borders the central bevelled glass and each section of frame is secured with glass leaf decorative corners. The mirror is topped with an acanthus leaf cartouche with central leaf shaped piece, also decorated with the leaf, tendril and trumpet flower design.  There is a little age along the top section of  the frame of this mirror but the rest of the mirror is in very good condition and gives an excellent reflection.