Antique Venetian archtop mirror

Antique Venetian archtop mirror

Code: 5798


H: 139cm (54.7")W: 99cm (39")


Antique archtop Venetian mirror, circa 1910, with wide frame decorated with elongated scallop cuts along the outside edge and small scallop cuts along the inner, sight, edge. The central part of the frame has a delicate leaf and flower design and the upper corner pieces are also etched with this design whereas the lower corners have a glass leaf covering the join in the frame. Each of the corner pieces is secured with a little glass flower-topped screw.  There is a little, light age in the frame, mainly along the top edge, but the original, bevelled, central glass is in very good condition and gives an excellent reflection.  This mirror would work well as an overmantel and fit in with any colour scheme.