Antique Venetian mirror with bubble frame

Antique Venetian mirror with bubble frame

Code: 5560


H: 147cm (57.9")W: 88cm (34.6")

£2,700.00 Approx $3260.87, €3199.05

Stunning, antique Venetian mirror, circa 1920s, with narrow frame decorated with long scallop cuts along both inner and outer edges and a central line of "bubbles". At each corner the frame is held in place with glass leaf shaped pieces, secured with little glass flower-topped screws.  This mirror is unusal to have such long sides made from a single piece of glass and the quality of the glass is very good indeed, making the mirror particularly eye-catching. There is just a hint of age in the original, bevelled, central glass and this mirror can be hung portrait (as photographed) or landscape.