Antique Venetian mirror with fronton

Antique Venetian mirror with fronton

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H: 126cm (49.6")W: 75cm (29.5")D: 5.5cm (2.2")

£2,700.00 Approx $3430.75, €3117.78

Lovely 19th century Venetian mirror with cushioned base and large, decorative top. The mirror frame consists of layered, bevelled pieces of glass decorated at each corner with curving acanthus leaves and small glass flowers. The top of the mirror, called a "fronton" in France, has a beautifully etched urn with overspilling flowers in the centre of the piece and the outside edge is decorated with more bevelled, curling glass pieces.  There is a little age in the frame but the original, bevelled, central glass is in very good condition and gives an excellent reflection.