Antique Venetian rectangular margin mirror

Antique Venetian rectangular margin mirror

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H: 105.5cm (41.5")W: 84.5cm (33.3")D: 5cm (2")

£1,850.00 Approx $2350.7, €2136.26

Simply elegant mid-19th century rectangular Venetian margin mirror mirror with layered frame. The outer frame has bevelled edges and the inner frame has dainty scallop cuts down each side and these lie over an undecorated central section. The sections of frame are held in place by glass flowers and leaves which are secured by little glass flower-topped screws. There is some age to the silvering of the frame and securing pieces but no chips or cracks and the bevelled, central glass is in very good condition and gives an excellent reflection.  Despite being over 170 years old, this mirror would look stunning in a contemporary setting.