Antique Venetian table top mirror with red glass frame

Antique Venetian table top mirror with red glass frame

Code: 5248


H: 74cm (29.1")W: 47cm (18.5")


Rare, 19th century, Venetian, table-top mirror with outset corners and central, oval glass. The frame is partly a soft red glass which has been enamelled over the glass with a delicate paisley heart, floral and foliate design in blue, red, ochre, green and white. The inner edge of the frame is silvered and decorated with an etched oval design, glass leaves secure each quarter frame and the mirror is topped with a decorative, scrolling, acanthus leaf cartouche with central, red glass, shield, enamelled with the same heart shaped paisley decoration found on each corner. The original, central, bevelled glass is in very good condition and there is a little age on the tips of the glass leaves. A narrow wooden band holds the frame in place and the back of the mirror has a sliding easel support, secured in place with a little brass knob. This mirror could be fitted for wall hanging, if wished.