Decorative, portrait, antique Venetian mirror

Decorative, portrait, antique Venetian mirror

Code: 5267


H: 147cm (57.9")W: 81cm (31.9")

£2,400.00 Approx $3301.24, €2810.3

Large, decorative, late 19th century, antique, Venetian mirror with curved top and flat base between re-entrant corners. The wide frame has a scallop cut outer edge, bubble decorated inner edge and a beautifully etched flower and leaf design running down the centre. Each section of the frame is secured with a glass leaf. The mirror is topped with an elaborate, high cartouche of acanthus leaves and has a smaller, decorative cartouche at the base.  This mirror is in excellent, original condition with just a few little age spots in the glass and gives an excellent reflection.