Large antique cushioned Venetian mirror

Large antique cushioned Venetian mirror

Code: 5569


H: 119cm (46.9")W: 93.5cm (36.8")D: 6cm (2.4")

£3,300.00 Approx $3985.51, €3909.95

Large, 19th century, Venetian, cushioned mirror with layered glass frame; the outer band of which has elongated scallop cut edges and the inner band, very dainty scallop cut edges. At each join in the frame the pieces are secured with glass leaves or flowers which are, in turn, held in place with little dome shaped glass-topped screws. There is a little age in parts of the frame and some of the glass pieces but the central, bevelled glass is in excellent condition. The whole mirror gives a very good reflection throughout as you can see from the unavoidable reflections in our workshop shown in the photographs! We particularly love these plainer Venetians which work just as well in contemporary or traditional settings, reflecting their surroundings without imposing any colour of their own.