Large, decorative, antique Venetian mirror

Large, decorative, antique Venetian mirror

Code: 4989


H: 172cm (67.7")W: 109cm (42.9")

£3,700.00 Approx $5061.56, €4166.67

Very large, decorative, antique, rectangular, Venetian margin mirror with outset corners and oval central glass.  Both the outer and inner frames are decorated with scallop cut edges and have a central bubble design. Each corner between the frames has a triangle of etched flowers and leaves and all the joins in the frame are secured with glass leaves or flowers. The mirror is topped with a high cartouche of acanthus leaves with a central oval and the cartouche flows down over the upper corners with more glass leaves and flowers. The original, central glass is bevelled and there is just a little, light age in this glass and in parts of the frame. When we adjusted one of the corner pieces of the mirror we found a French newspaper dated January 1887 which almost certainly ties in with the period when this mirror was made.