Magnificent antique oval Venetian with phoenixes

Magnificent antique oval Venetian with phoenixes

Code: 5693


H: 120cm (47.2")W: 75.5cm (29.7")D: 4cm (1.6")


Late 19th century antique oval Venetian mirror with a wide, decorative frame etched with floral and foliate patterns, an elongated scallop cut outer edge and a narrow, separate, inner border decorated with bubbles and scallop cut edges. Each piece of the frame is held in place with glass leaves, secured with little flower-topped screws. The mirror is finished with a superb cartouche of a central oval amongst curling acanthus leaves with a beautifully etched phoenix on each side. The original, bevelled, central glass has a little age here and there and there is also some age and slight silvering losses in the frame, all of which are appropriate for a mirror of this period which, nevertheless, gives an excellent reflection and is a statement piece.