Magnificent large decorative antique Venetian mirror

Magnificent large decorative antique Venetian mirror

Code: 5669


H: 206cm (81.1")W: 129cm (50.8")

£4,700.00 Approx $5972.05, €5427.25

Very large, late 19th century Venetian mirror with re-entrant upper corners and curved top. The frame is layered with narrow outer and inner strips of glass decorated along the edges with scallop cuts and with a central pattern of bubbles. The middle frame section is wider and is beautifully etched with an abundance of flowers, leaves, stems, buds and berries. The top section of the frame is curved outwards along the top edge and has a ribbon bow and crossed musical instruments featuring within the floral design. Each piece of frame is held in place with a glass leaf or flower and these are secured with little glass flower-topped screws. The mirror has a very high, decorative cartouche of curling acanthus leaves with a central oval decorated with etched flowers and leaves.  This mirror has "wow" factor and would make a statement in any room.