Near square 1940s Venetian mirror

Near square 1940s Venetian mirror

Code: 5551


H: 147cm (57.9")W: 136cm (53.5")D: 5.5cm (2.2")

£5,500.00 Approx $6962.03, €6417.74

Very handsome 1940s Venetian mirror with wide layered frame which slopes inwards towards the recessed, bevelled, central glass. The outer band of the frame is decorated with elongated scallop cut edges and the inner band is decorated with tiny scallop cuts. The mirror frames are secured at the corners and mid-way along each side with glass flowers and leaves. There is a little, very light age in the mirror which gives an excellent reflection. The photographs do not do this mirror justice as it is picking up the colours of its surroundings, including the brown carpet. It is a very smart, clear silver mirror, which would work well in many different settings.