Small antique curvy tabletop Venetian mirror

Small antique curvy tabletop Venetian mirror

Code: 5494


H: 45cm (17.7")W: 35.5cm (14")

£690.00 Approx $833.33, €817.54

Small, curvy, late 19th/early 20th century table top Venetian mirror with narrow frame decorated with dainty, scallop cut, edges and central row of circles or bubbles. Each piece is secured with a six petal oval shaped flower which, in turn, is held in place with a little glass flower-topped screw. The mirror is fitted within a shaped wooden back which has a sliding, hinged support and the central glass has a wide bevel, following the curves of the mirror frame. This charming, little mirror is in excellent, original condition with just a hint of age in some of the securing flower pieces.