Antique French etched gilt Louis Philippe archtop mirror

Antique French etched gilt Louis Philippe archtop mirror

Code: 5717


H: 128cm (50.4")W: 101.5cm (40")D: 6cm (2.4")


Lovely, original, French Louis Philippe period (1830-48) archtop overmantel mirror with wide, outcurving frame on the upper three sides of the mirror. The frame's central panel is etched with a floral and foliate design, has a dainty ribbon-twist and diagonal beaded outer edge and a delicate, interwoven, acanthus leaf sight edge (edge closest to the glass). The base of the frame has a flat gilt section between two raised bands and this style of frame indicates that this mirror would have been used as an overmantel, the flat section of frame allowing space for decorative items such as flowers, candles, ornaments, etc., to be sat in front of the mirror. Where the gold leaf has thinned through many years of dusting, the terracotta bole is showing through the gilding in places, giving the mirror frame a warm colour. The mercury glass has minimal age and gives an excellent reflection.