Very wide antique French archtop overmantel mirror

Very wide antique French archtop overmantel mirror

Code: 5382


H: 145cm (57.1")W: 138cm (54.3")

£1,850.00 Approx $2269.94, €2153.67

Exceptionally wide, French arched top overmantel mirror with wide frame decorated on three sides with a finely reeded, outcurving central band with diagonally placed acanthus leaves, a wrapped ribbon outer band, incurving burnished gilt inner band finished with a beaded sight edge.  Along the bottom edge the frame is flatter with a raised border and decorated at each outer corner and in the centre of the frame with sprays of flowers and leaves. Overmantel mirrors were designed this way to allow objects to be placed in front of them on the mantelpiece. The original, mercury glass is in excellent condition with just a little light age, gives a very good reflection and sparkles beautifully when it catches the light.