Wide, serpentine topped, antique French overmantel

Wide, serpentine topped, antique French overmantel

Code: 5260


H: 160cm (63")W: 130cm (51.2")

£2,200.00 Approx $3026.13, €2576.11

Unusually wide, late 19th century, French overmantel mirror with narrow, watergilt frame and serpentine top. A delicate row of beading runs along the inside edge of the sides and top of the frame, a narrow raised border runs along the outside edge and the central part of this section of the frame is also outcurving.  However the base frame of the mirror is flat, which is traditional for an overmantel mirror to allow flowers and decorative objects to be placed along the mantel shelf in front of the mirror. The original glass has light age in the form of freckling and motting but still gives a fair reflection and the outside edges of the frame have also been gilded - a sign of an expensive and prestigious mirror.