19th century Victorian overmantel with ferns

19th century Victorian overmantel with ferns

Code: 4333


H: 119cm (46.9")W: 119cm (46.9")


Wide, arched, Victorian overmantel with wide frame decorated along the central border with intricate repousse design of delicate floral pattern within interlocking ovals, bordered on the outside by beads and lozenges and on the sight edge with a triangular overlapping leaf design. The central cartouche consists of a fan of fern leaves with small, central flowers and more ferns decorate each lower side. The base frame is narrow and simply watergilded as this mirror was designed as an overmantel and the narrow border allows for objects to be placed in front of the mirror when it is resting on a mantelpiece. The original glass is in very good condition with just a little light age towards the bottom left corner.