Antique cushioned mirror with palm leaf frame

Antique cushioned mirror with palm leaf frame

Code: 5679


H: 144cm (56.7")W: 97cm (38.2")D: 12.5cm (4.9")


Very attractive, mid-19th century, decorative, French cushioned mirror with gilt palm leaf frame decorated at intervals with little flowers. The inner frame section is beaded and the mirror is topped with a circlet floral and foliate cartouche with an elongated palm leaf and central acanthus leaf decoration at the base. The gilding is gently worn revealing cream and light terracotta tones. All the mirror plates are mercury glass with the outside sections bevelled and there is some age in the central glass which nevertheless gives a good reflection. Being a cushioned mirror, the angled sides reflect their surroundings which can cause a little confusion when looking at the photographs. Also, the wooden supports are temporary to stop the base of the mirror being damaged and will be removed when the mirror is hung.