Antique French overmantel with foxed mercury glass

Antique French overmantel with foxed mercury glass

Code: 5411


H: 119.5cm (47")W: 98cm (38.6")

£1,490.00 Approx $1857.86, €1755.01

Compact, antique French overmantel mirror with re-entrant upper corners and intricately decorated frame of curling acanthus leaves encircling a central leaf motif with criss-cross banding each side.  Each corner of the mirror has an elegant, curled acanthus leaf and a floral and foliate cartouche with central shell and long, horizontal acanthus leaves decorate the gently curved top. The original, mercury glass has oxidised giving the mirror plate a grey, speckled patina. This mirror plate could be changed for a clearer piece, if required. The wooden supports at each side of the base of the mirror would be removed before hanging.