Curvy antique decorative gilt French margin mirror

Curvy antique decorative gilt French margin mirror

Code: 5667


H: 156cm (61.4")W: 102cm (40.2")D: 12.5cm (4.9")


19th century French gilt margin mirror, circa 1880, with curved top and outcurving corners decorated with large, scrolling acanthus leaves. The flamboyant cartouche is a slightly asymmetric mix of curling acanthus and palm leaves with floral and acanthus sides and the base has a very classic acanthus leaf decoration. The narrow, burnished gilt frames have inner edges of intricate acanthus leaves and the original glass is bevelled in the centre. There is light age in the mirror plates, including some in the central glass which is yellow-gold in colour, but this mirror nevertheless gives an excellent reflection.