Decorative antique French cushioned mirror

Decorative antique French cushioned mirror

Code: 5445


H: 116cm (45.7")W: 86cm (33.9")D: 6cm (2.4")


19th century gilt French cushioned mirror with superbly modelled frame decorated with curling acanthus leaves along the outside of every corner and a fanned acanthus leaf linking the inner and outer frames. The mirror is topped with a high cartouche of a central urn of flowers flanked with latticework, more curling acanthus leaves and husks. The outer frame has a ribbontwist design and the inner frame is beaded. All the sections of glass are bevelled and there is foxing in the side pieces and a little in the bottom piece but the central mirror plate is very clear and gives an excellent reflection. (The supporting wooden legs are to protect the lower decoration from damage and would need to be removed before the mirror is hung.)