Handsome antique French cushioned gilt mirror

Handsome antique French cushioned gilt mirror

Code: 5413


H: 144cm (56.7")W: 108cm (42.5")


Beautifully modelled, unusually wide, decorative, antique, French, gilt cushioned mirror, circa 1840. The outer frame is decorated with raised roundels encircled in acanthus leaves, the inner frame is beaded and the two frames are linked at each corner with long, slightly curved, acanthus leaves. The mirror is topped with a decorative cartouche featuring a central shell flanked by corcucopias of spilling fruit. Where this mirror has been dusted for nearly 200 years, the dark terracotta bole is showing through the gilding giving the mirror a very rich colouration. All the original glass is bevelled, mercury glass and has a little gentle age but nevertheless gives an excellent reflection. The two wooden supports on each side of the lower section of the mirror are only temporary fixtures to protect the decoration from damage and will need to be removed when the mirror is hung.