Large decorative portrait antique French mirror

Large decorative portrait antique French mirror

Code: 5277


H: 192.5cm (75.8")W: 119.5cm (47")D: 15cm (5.9")


Late 19th century French margin mirror with serpentine top decorated with high floral and foliate cartouche. The outer frame has a bordered half oval interspersed with leaf design and the inner frame is decorated with linked ovals and little leaf motifs. Each corner of the mirror has a curved, fanned, acanthus leaf and there is an elongated acanthus leaf at each side of the base. All the outside edges of the mirror are gilded and there is a plain, watergilt border running along the base. Every section of the mirror is bevelled and there is some age in the form of light freckling along the top edge of the central glass which nevertheless gives an excellent reflection. This mirror would make a very attractive and elegant full-lenth mirror.