Magnificent decorative French antique oval mirror

Magnificent decorative French antique oval mirror

Code: 5797


H: 142cm (55.9")W: 102cm (40.2")

£3,500.00 Approx $4435.99, €4098.36

Very large, mid-19th century, French oval margin mirror with layered outer frame decorated with a ropetwist outside edge, a central raised gilt band and a beaded inner edge. The inner frame consists of a raised border and inner edge of a lace-like decoration of delicate scrolling acanthus leaves. Sandwiched between the two frames are four curved glass sections with deep scallop cut edges and wispy age in the original mercury glass. The mirror is topped with a decorative floral and foliate cartouche and at each quarter section with symmetrical, fanned acanthus leaves and a raised central oval. The original, central mercury glass is bevelled and has very decliate wavy age towards the top but still gives an excellent reflection.  This is a very special mirror in excellent, original condition and a rare find.