'60s Triple mirror screen by Charles Hollis-Jones

'60s Triple mirror screen by Charles Hollis-Jones

Code: 5753


H: 165cm (65")W: 185cm (72.8")


Vintage 1960s triple mirrored screen with brass and lucite frames by US designer Charles Hollis-Jones, known for introducing upmarket, stylish furniture using acrylic and plastic which became very popular, high fashion items in the 1960s for the rich and famous - including Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Tennessee Williams amongst others.  This screen has three sections which, when connnected, can stand in a Z shape but work equally well as a triple wall mirror, a safer option we feel! The backs of the mirrors are finished with a cream enamel paint and this mirrored screen came out of a house in Paris and was bought at auction in Biarritz.