Large, two tier Peter Ghyczy coffee table

Large, two tier Peter Ghyczy coffee table

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H: 45cm (17.7")W: 131cm (51.6")L: 131cm (51.6")

£2,200.00 Approx $2784.81, €2567.09

Large, 1970s Peter Ghyczy coffee table with four cast brass legs with decorative, square, imprints at the top, which hold the 15mm thick glass tiers in place. The brass legs have a lovely patination where they have not been cleaned for many years and the glass tops are in excellent condition.

Peter Ghyczy's design studio is in the Netherlands and he is known for developing a technique to hold glass within metal so that the glass appears to be floating within the metal structure. This has become Ghyczy's signature and is illustrated in this stunning coffee table.