Stunning large Emilio Rey Vintage coffee table

Stunning large Emilio Rey Vintage coffee table

Code: 5835


H: 44cm (17.3")W: 107cm (42.1")L: 143cm (56.3")

£4,490.00 Approx $5683.54, €5239.21

Stunning 1970s Spanish coffee table by designer Emilio Rey. The gilt metal base is made to look like tasselled rope with undulating cuves along the top edge flowing down each leg which end in a tassel, then returning to form a central double circle in the centre of the base, just above floor level. This particular table has a very special glass top with a stepped edge and the curves of the table top follow the supporting rope curves beneath.  This is also a larger size than we have seen before. There is a little wear in the top but the overall condition of this stunning table is superb.