This elegant, cushioned, antique Venetian mirror fits extremely well with the classic surroundings of this London house.
A magnificent Venetian mirror makes a statement in this American house.
Another room in the same house showing how well this antique mirror with cream
gesso and raised leaf decoration works with the colour scheme.
The owners of this house in New York wanted a cream gesso-based mirror for this room.
The simple lines of this antique mirror offset the decoration in this New York house
A rare find - a landscape mirror with decoration that will fit in a country house with low ceilings.
The decorative corners on this mirror stop the room being too full of rectangles.
When hanging a mirror over a piece of furniture, make sure it is either the same width as the furniture or slightly narrower.
Antique mirrors can stand alone and do not have to be hung over a piece of
furniture or a fireplace to look stunning.
When your mirror has a wide frame all the way around, it looks better with a space below it rather than sitting on the mantel.
Again, this huge, gilt Victorian mirror is stunning in its contemporary hall setting.
A fine example of an antique mirror in a contemporary room.
Cool and classic, this Victorian overmantel is a perfect choice.
The unusual shape of the bedstead is complemented by the unusual shape of the mirror.
The delicate frame and decoration of this mirror goes beautifully
with the rest of the decor in this bedroom.
Fantastic use of a magnificent mirror.
This cool and contemporary look was achieved by hanging an antique silver-framed mirror over the fireplace in this bedroom.
Do not be afraid to have the top of your mirror higher than the dado rail
The unusual coloring of this antique mirror was a perfect choice for the De Gournay wallpaper.
Large rectangular Venetian mirrors are an excellent choice for a bathroom.
Magnificent gilt oval mirrors work anywhere!
The positioning of this lovely Venetian mirror works superbly with the De Gournay wallpaper.
This stunning oval has just the right amount of space around it to work very well in the bedroom.
The placing of this oval mirror perfectly breaks up the straight lines of the dado rail.
This very large Italian mirror has been used in landscape format to great advantage in the entrance hall of a large West Country rectory.
Don`t be afraid to mix and match mirror shapes as this collection of Venetian mirrors shows in a customer`s music room.
A mirror with wow factor looks very good in this entrance hall and should impress all visitors!
Putting a rectangular mirror over a circular table is not the obvious choice but works very well here.
The scrolling design on this decorative Venetian mirror complements the curling design on the tile border in this bathroom.
This matched pair of antique Venetians show that a perfect pair is not necessary.
Stunning use of a large, decorative mirror.
This Venetian mirror works perfectly in this light, airy setting.
Oval Elegance
Have fun with mirrors!
Sometimes the space available is very restricted but, with the right choice of mirror, it's possible to achieve a very attractive result.
Pretty gilt mirror used in a Somerset house where available height is limited.
Excellent use of a lovely margin mirror which does not dominate the room.
This Mid Century Modern mirror mixes well with earlier items in a South African bathroom.