International Shipping

Delivery available worldwide

Shipping can be arranged anywhere in the world. We use specialist shippers to make sure your Mirror arrives in the same condition it has left us.

We use the following shippers:

For worldwide deliveries, our preferred shippers are Chudley International who are experts at packing and crating the mirrors to ISPM 15 international wood packing material standards.  For an average sized mirror, export packed and delivered to your door, Chudleys have given us the guide prices you can see in the box below:

We work with specialist carrier Martin Brothers for all our mainland UK deliveries

Example rates

Approximate delivery charges for an average size mirror (from the UK) to the following destinations:

By Sea:

New York £650
Los Angeles £690
Atlanta £460
Hong Kong £560
Sydney £650

By Air:

New York £600
Los Angeles £650
Atlanta £600
Hong Kong £700
Sydney £850

We recommend that you also take out insurance which is calculated at three per cent of the price paid for the mirror so, for example, to insure a mirror costing £1,000 this would be £30.


We work with specialist carrier bjwlogistics for most of our mainland UK deliveries.  The following rates apply to one mirror :

London, East and West Midlands, South and West of England - £60

Wales, North West, North East England  - £90

Scotland - £120


For European and Continental overland deliveries, please contact us for a quotation.


Request a shipping quote

Please fill in the enquiry form on the contact page by clicking here, and be sure to let us know the reference numbers of the items you'd like shipping, together with the address of where you'd like the items shipped

International Shipping