Small antique French banded silver archtop mirror

Small antique French banded silver archtop mirror

Code: 5704


H: 64cm (25.2")W: 51.5cm (20.3")D: 3cm (1.2")


Charming, late 19th century French archtop mirror with banded silverleafed frame created by alternating burnished and matt lines of silver leaf within the etched design. A row of cream beading runs around the sight edge (edge closest to the glass). The original glass has a little light age including the ghost of a label attached to the back of the mirror plate.  You can just see part of this showing between the mirror's back boards in the close-up photograph of the manufacturer's label which, in turn, shows that this mirror was made in Macon. However the mirror gives an excellent reflection and would work well in any small room.