Huge antique archtop mirror with narrow gilt frame

Huge antique archtop mirror with narrow gilt frame

Code: 5390


H: 192.5cm (75.8")W: 132cm (52")

£2,900.00 Approx $3615.96, €3415.78

Extremely large mid-19th century French archtop mirror with narrow, watergilt frame.  Where this mirror has been dusted for almost 200 years, the gold leaf has thinned revealing the terracotta bole beneath as well as the narrow, horizontal gold lines, where each sheet of gold leaf was overlapped when it was first applied. The original mercury plate has gentle age in the form of a few vertical bands of grey speckling, but still gives a very good reflection and sparkles beautifully when it catches the light. A label on the panelled back of the mirror suggests it was originally made for Mme Burel's salon de compagnie cheminee (visitor's room fireplace) but the dimensions given on the label are slightly smaller than the actual mirror!