Huge, decorative, antique French margin mirror

Huge, decorative, antique French margin mirror

Code: 5222


H: 218cm (85.8")W: 135cm (53.1")


Huge and magnificent, decorative, French antique margin mirror with curved top, circa 1840. The outer frame is decorated with overlapping palm leaves as well as sprays of flowers and leaves, some of which loop over the glass and the inner frame is decorated with a raised half oval in an arched design alternating with little leaf motifs. At the corners and mid way down the long sides, the two frames are linked with raised acanthus leaf decorations with curls at each corner. The whole mirror is topped with a magnificent, high, floral and foliate cartouche with a pierced central shell. All the outside edges are gilded. The original, mercury glass has some age which is entirely appropriate for a mirror made before 1845 but it is almost all around the edges of the mirror and does not interfere with the reflection, which is excellent.