Large and wide antique French archtop mirror

Large and wide antique French archtop mirror

Code: 5370


H: 150cm (59.1")W: 135cm (53.1")


Stunning, antique, French Louis-Philippe period (1830-48) archtop mirror with beautifully etched gilt frame decorated with an intricate, burnished gilt, floral and foliate design. A ropetwist and bead decoration runs along the outer edge and a raised oval and leaf design runs along the sight edge (edge closest to the glass). Where the gilding has worn, especially along the top of the mirror frame, the burnished design comes alive and the combination of colours in this mirror frame are unusual and very attractive. The original, mercury glass is in excellent condition with just a few hints of age and gives an excellent reflection. This exceptionally wide mirror would make a perfect overmantel.