Magnificent, large, antique French mirror with birds

Magnificent, large, antique French mirror with birds

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H: 197cm (77.6")W: 134cm (52.8")D: 15cm (5.9")

£3,300.00 Approx $4114.71, €3886.93

19th century French mirror, circa 1890, with an elegant frame, the outside section of which is decorated with a raised band of laurel leaves, intersected with crossed ribbons and on the inside of the frame is decorated with a row of beading. Unusually, the gold leaf used has a green tint for the leaves and red for the crossed ribbons and the outside edge of the mirror frame is also gilded. The mirror has outset corners at top with central flower motif and a floral and foliate cartouche with a pair of birds as well as crossed torchere and quiver of arrows. The original , bevelled glass has a very little age in the form of a few dark spots but gives an excellent reflection and this mirror would make a stunning overmantel in a large room.