Tall antique Venetian archtop with etched frame

Tall antique Venetian archtop with etched frame

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H: 168.5cm (66.3")W: 96cm (37.8")

£2,200.00 Approx $2784.81, €2567.09

Antique Venetian arched top mirror, circa 1840. The frame has scallop cut edges and a delicate pattern of long leaves and flowers, held at each join with a glass leaf which is secured with little glass flower-topped screws. The original mercury glass has a little dusting of age here and there but gives an excellent reflection and there is also age around the inside edge of the frame sections and along the bottom edge but this is in the silvering only, the mirror itself is undamaged with no chips or cracks. This is a mirror that looks really attractive when you see it but is not as photogenic as some!