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Mid 19th century arched Venetian mirror with delicate etching

£1,900.00 Approx $2613.48, €2224.82

Code: 5154


H: 138.5cm (54.5")W: 95.5cm (37.6")

Mid 19th century Venetian mirror with wide, deeply scallop cut frame decorated with superb, delicate, scrolling etching incorporating little flowers and leaves into the design. Each piece of the frame is secured at the corners with a glass leaf which, in turn, is held in place with little diamonte cut glass-topped screws. All the glass is mercury backed and there is just a little age towards the centre top of the central glass in the mirror but the whole piece sparkles and gives an excellent reflection. This beautiful and unusual Venetian mirror came from an important house in the Lyon area of France and has a family resemblance to the rectangular Venetian mirror shown just before this one on the website, stock number 5152.