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Antique gilt overmantel with shell cartouche


Code: 5161


H: 155.5cm (61.2")W: 122cm (48")

Mid 19th century French overmantel mirror with gently curved top between re-entrant upper corners. The top of the mirror has a wide cartouche of flowers and leaves either side of a central shell and each of the incurving upper corners has a curled acanthus leaf nestling in the curve. The frame is simply watergilded and a beaded edge runs around the glass. The upper three sides of the frame are gently outcurving but the base of the frame is flat, so the mirror can rest on a mantelpiece and still have space for decorative objects to be placed in front of it and reflect in the glass. The original mirror plate is one of the best examples of sparkling mercury glass we have in stock at the moment as it sparkles throughout the whole mirror and gives an excellent reflection despite a little hint of age here and there.  We had a sunny day when the photographs were taken and the pale areas in the glass are just sunlight reflecting off other mirrors in the showroom.